FAQ: Why did you start your own Brokerage?

FAQ why did you start a brokerage

Bob Lipply answers why he started his own brokerage at Lipply Real Estate

Hello this is Bob Lipply with Lipply Real Estate. Today the question for me is "Why did I open my own Brokerage firm?" Well, for me, that started with having a team. We were a group of hard working, productive agents. The second question was how can we best service that team in the future. So in 2010, we as a team, decided the answer to that question was to open our own independant brokerage firm. He we are 14 years later still offering opportunities for new and veteran agents. That has allowed us to grow exponentially.

If you would like to hear more about the opportunities that we have available, give us a call, text, or email. We'd be happy to talk with you. Thanks for listening and give us a call.

Bob Lipply, Owner/Broker - Lipply Real Estate - 727-459-7290

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