Why are so many people moving to Tampa Bay?


Why is everybody moving to Tampa Bay? Well, today we are going to talk about the top reasons why. My name is Marianne Knowles with the Knowles Team at Lipply Real Estate. So let's get started. Starting with the most obvious is the beaches. Tampa Bay is home to the top rated beaches in the United States, ranging from St. Pete Beach to Siesta Key to Clearwater Beach. I live here and I can never get sick of it. The beaches are just mesmerizing.

Number two - it's an outdoor playground - all the time. The average temperature here all year round is 73 degrees. So if you are an outside enthusiast there is always something to do here.

Number three - Tampa Bay Real Estate is reasonably priced. 2023 ended with a median home price for single family homes  of $410,000. And did you know that the Tampa Bay area has one of the hottest markets for rental homes in the nation?

Number four - is the job market. Tampa Bay has one of the lowest unemployment rates of 3% which has been seen to be below the national average. And did you know that Tampa Bay is home to seven companies that made the Fortune 500 list? This has made this area so desirable for people who are searching for economic reasons and job growth.

Lastly, is the expanding Millennial population. Tampa has been called one of the top cities in the nation for Millenial relocation. Some of the top reasons why Tampa Bay is seeing an influx from this demographic is because of the job opportunities, the low start-up cost for businesses compared to other cities, and the growing technology seen here.

So, if you have any questions or if you have any other reasons why you think people are moving to the Tampa Bay area, feel free to comment. Otherwise, I will see you next time.

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