FAQ: What is going on with Interest Rates?

Tiffany Williams expertly answers the question: "What is happening with interest rates?"

Expertly answered by Tiffany Williams, REALTOR with Lipply Real Estate

What is the deal with these interest rates? Let's talk about it. Tiffany Williams with Lipply Real Estate. My friends, family and clients have all been reaching out to me saying - what's going on - should we buy a house, should we wait? What we do know is that the Fed has said that interest rates will drop six times this year. How often, how much, we do not know but what we do know is that there are 72% of buyers that have been waiting and putting their search on pause because of the interest rates.

But what I think is going to happen is that the buyers are going to come out of the woodwork, prices will rise because there are more buyers in the market. There will be competition, bidding wars, you might forgo inspections, similar to Covid times - who knows. Right now it is more of a buyers market, I am seeing prices being lowered, negotiation power,  and closing cost assistance. So it might be better for you to buy now instead of waiting.

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