Which to choose: Buying Agent vs. Listing Agent when buying a home?

buying or listing agentAre you thinking about working directly with the listing agent when purchasing your new home? Of course, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to navigating the real estate process. But we believe the buying agent's goal is to ensure you have the best experience possible, assisting you in any way that suits your needs. When the buyer's needs conflict with the seller's needs, problems could arrise.  The pieces of the puzzle just don't fit.


I would like to highlight the benefits of having a dedicated buying agent. A buying agent is committed to representing your interests throughout the entire home-buying process, negotiating on your behalf, and providing valuable insights, additionally inspecting the property and point out any potential issues and concerns that may not be immediately apparent.


Alternatively, the selling agent looks out for the interests of the sellers first. In addition, it's important to note that there is typically no cost savings when deciding to work with the listing agent. Buyers need to understand that the listing agent was hired by the sellers to represent them in their best interest and to sell the property at the highest price. Consequently, it is impossible for the listing agent to represent the buyer who is looking to purchase it at the lowest price. It is just not possible, and the listing agent is going to advocate for the seller.

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