Should I Buy or Rent a Home?

Buy vs. RentThis post covers some pros and cons between renting and buying a home at any given time in your life. There are many factors to consider and while we are in the business of selling homes, we too realize that the timing has to be right for any major purchase. We would never be one to push anyone into buying a home too soon. Sometimes, depending on the market and the personal financial situation of the individual it is better to wait and save money, then to take the plunge and hope for the best. On the other hand, if it makes better sense to buy in the short term, then we can help you find your dream home. We wrote this post for those people who may need to take a step back and ponder the idea for a little while. As your real estate agent, we want you to be comfortable and eager with your home purchase. If the timing is not right for you to buy, we can help you find affordable and suitable rental options while you plan for the future. We do this for free and at no obligation because we understand that we are building a potential long term relationship with you.


Home Price – are prices low enough for you to not question buying?
How Long Do You Plan to Stay? – are you planning to stay in the area a significant amount of time?
What Are Your Mortgage Details? – can you qualify for a mortgage and are you comfortable with the current mortgage rate?
What Does the Future Hold? – is your job and family situation stable?
Taxes – are the taxes reasonable?
Closing Costs – do you have the cash required for closing?

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