2023 Moving to Tampa Bay FL - 10 Things to be Aware of

10 Things to Keep in Mind When Moving to Florida in 2023! 

If you are considering moving to Florida there can be a ton of factors that might be hard to think of. Florida is quite different from other states and we wanted to make sure we presented some thoughts on what all you should keep in mind when considering your move . If you're considering moving to Tampa Bay specifically, you are in the right place! We will provide you with essential information to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Tampa Bay is a vibrant region in the Sunshine State that offers a very unique blend of urban life, coastal beaches, and suburban modern cities. Before you pack your bags, though, here are ten things you need to know.

1. State Income Tax

Florida is one of the few states in the U.S. with no state income tax, which is a significant financial advantage. It's an economic perk that can stretch your dollar further.

2. Flood Zones, Insurance, and Hurricanes

The tropical climate comes with its own set of challenges. Be informed about flood zones, higher insurance costs, and the possibility of hurricanes. You are going to notice fairly quickly that insurance can be quite a bit more costly than what you might be used to. Homeowners Insurance is constantly evolving as well so it is super important that you make sure you are well informed on what is going on in 2023!

3. Florida Weather

Florida is the Sunshine State! However, we do have seasons and it’s important to be aware of the high humidity and rain during the summer months. Temperatures do drop in the winter as well; however, I am sure we Floridians over react to our 50 degree winters. In any case, its good to keep in mind that Florida is not necessarily always super hot. We still have all the normal seasons, they just are a little different down here. 

4. Traffic

Like any busy city in the US, Tampa Bay has peak traffic hours. Getting familiar with the traffic patterns can help you plan your commute efficiently. I always suggest when considering an area to look at the roads nearby and how important it will be for you to get to the destinations that you will want to be close to: schools, work, the beach, cities, airports etc etc. It will benefit you massively to look into how busy the areas you like are. Also there are a ton of areas in Florida that have virtually no traffic right now; however, given the state's huge growth that could change as well. 

5.  Retirement Communities, 55+

Florida is known for its active retirement communities, especially for those 55 and older. If you're considering retiring in Tampa Bay, you'll find many welcoming communities. On the other hand; it is super important to filter 55+ communities in or out of your search. As a real estate professional, I am always super bummed when a customer sends me a house that they love only to find out later that it's in a 55+ and they weren’t able to live in one yet. To save yourself the frustration I would definitely tell your realtor what you are looking for so that he can make sure they get filtered out or in depending on what you want. There are a ton of 55+ communities throughout Florida so the chances that you stumble on homes that you like in one without filtering them out is high! 

6.  Snowbirds

Florida is a favored destination for snowbirds—people who migrate from colder climates to warmer states during winter. This seasonal influx can affect various aspects of local life. That being said; it can be super important to look into communities that you like to see how friendly the rules and regulations are for you as a snowbird. You may want to have guests utilize your Florida home while you are not there or you may want to rent it out; in any case, it's super important for you to understand those rules before purchasing your vacation home. 

7.  2023 New Changes to Condo Associations

Before investing in a condo, be aware of recent changes to condo associations. You should always look into the financial health of the condo association before making your purchase in any case and in any condo association. 

8.  Diversity of Lifestyles in Florida

Florida has a ton going on! from fishing, hunting, beach life, city life, sports, casinos, resorts, boating and the thrills of Disney the list goes on and on. Florida offers a lifestyle for everyone; and that's awesome for people looking to move to Florida to keep in mind. If you didn’t like one area for whatever reason; the chances are extremely high that there is an area in Florida that would suit what you are looking to do perfectly! 

9.  Old Buildings vs. New Buildings

>Florida is a fairly new state; however, it grew rapidly. That being said, many parts of Florida were built up during the 1960s-1980s. In Pinellas County you will find that a majority of the condos on the water were built a few decades ago. If a condo on the water is something that you are definitely interested in; then by filtering out the older buildings you may find that there is not much available inventory currently. That is not to say that there are no new or newer condos; it's only to say that you should not be discouraged if you don’t see much availability. However, there are some awesome options available!

10.  Stuff to Do in Florida

Florida is a diverse state with numerous activities and attractions. Whether you love nature, art, food, sports, or adventure, there's always something to do in the Sunshine State. By moving here you will quickly find that there is a lot to do and a lot going on!

In Conclusion, I hope this helped you further understand what it is like in Tampa Bay and what things are important for you to keep in mind. Buying property in Florida is exciting; however, it can be overwhelming when you are looking to decide on the best area for you or your family. I would love to get together with you and hear what is important to you in your dream Florida home! Helping out of state buyers is our speciality as a brokerage; and we LOVE Tampa Bay, and love coming alongside people looking to buy Real Estate in Florida!

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