Veronica Konovalchuk, Realtor

Licensed, State of Florida
Veronica Konovalchuk
Russian Speaking
(916) 450-1040

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A true dedication to any craft requires that every aspect of its nature be examined thoroughly and with care. Doing ‘homework’ never hurts either. This is the kind of work ethic to be expected from Veronica Konovalchuck as your agent. “Prior to having my license, it was not uncommon for me to follow the Real Estate market. It’s fluctuations and motion were intriguing to me, so much so, that I would often visit open houses and review model homes.” Says Veronica, an Agent with a flair towards Interior Design and her mind set on finding the perfect home and/or selling at the perfect price for her clients.

At nearly every job Konovalchuk held, she saw major success. Receiving multiple high level promotions and recognition from employers and coworkers alike, she prides herself on her ability to move throughout the business world at ease. She aims to transfer the skills and knowledge she gained working at various customer care positions to the transactions she will hold with you as your personal representative. “I achieve my goals and motivated by not only my success, but the success of my peers and clients. So it will be my pleasure to ensure that I treat you with the utmost respect, care, and diligence in order to actualize your Real Estate dreams.” A driven and well-disciplined person, Veronica finds no issue navigating through the social and financial playing fields that this industry presents, and she wants you to feel confident knowing you are working with an agent who will be honest and confident in the negotiation room.

Customer Service

“Something I like to keep in mind while working with a customer, is what I would expect for my loved ones as well as myself. I would expect nothing less of greatness for those people.” This is an important philosophy that Veronica holds. It showcases her care and dedication towards your wants and values, and what you would expect in entering this life-changing endeavour. “It is crucial that I, as a professional advisor be honest, timely, and compassionate as I take on this task with and for you.”

Veronica will work hard to assist you with marketing your present property, or to help you locate the new home that perfectly suits your lifestyle and financial needs. Contact her today and experience the Konovalchuk advantage.



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