Reese Combs, Realtor

Licensed, State of Florida
Reese Combs
(813) 294-1226


I was born and raised in the Tampa bay area. I lived here up until I was 18 years of age and left to join the Army in 2004 serving as Paratrooper in Ft.Bragg, NC. I did tours overseas in Iraq, Korea, and search and rescue missions in Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  After serving, I worked as a Subcontractor in asset management for bank foreclosures which would lead me into the carepath in real estate from 2010 until present day. In 2016 I was hired on as a project manager renovating dozens of homes all over the bay area from Tampa, St.Pete, to the east coast Daytona Beach. During that time I gained experience in property management and Tenant placement. I have over a decade in the industry and decided to take my experience into the retail side. 


My interests in my spare time are spending time with my family watching my niece and nephew grow. My hobbies are being active in sports, gym, and playing poker. I like any strategy game and hate losing which makes me competitive. 


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