Licensed, State of Florida
Devyn Harrington
(727) 366-3411

Knowles Team Listings and Recent Sales

Devyn Harrington is a licensed Realtor in Florida, specializing in serving clients across Tampa Bay. With a dynamic and outgoing personality, she prioritizes effective communication and organization in all of her work. Devyn brings 4 years of valuable experience in property management to her role as a Realtor, demonstrating a strong passion for helping clients achieve their real estate objectives. She is dedicated to providing personalized service and leveraging her expertise to guide clients through every step of the real estate process, ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. Devyn strongly believes in building lasting relationships with all of her clients, understanding their unique needs, and working extensively to exceed their expectations

Devyn's commitment to excellence and client satisfaction truly sets her apart in the industry, making her a trusted partner for all real estate needs. Whether it is finding the perfect home or maximizing investment opportunities, Devyn's proactive approach and attention to detail ensure that her clients receive top-notch service and achieve their goals with confidence.

Lipply Real Estate is proud to welcome Devyn to our office!




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