DeeDee DeVole
Unlicensed Realtor Assistant


DeeDee, along with her family, moved to Florida in the early 2000's after living in Fairfield, Connecticut for over 10 years. Originally from Buffalo, she is a graduate of both the State University of New York at Oswego, and FIT in New York City. DeeDee has held various jobs in the creative field of textile design over the years. She still dabbles in designing colorful patterns for various home goods, but her current position as a real estate assistant with Lipply Real Estate keeps her very busy.

Customer Service

You’ll often find her helping online customers with information gathering on various neighborhoods or setting up automatic email alerts of their preferred home criteria to keep them updated on current listings. DeeDee assists with monitoring the toll free number calls from customers around the United States & Canada. If you are one of the lucky callers to get her, you will be pleased with her service and friendly demeanor.  Having moved to Florida from the Northeast, DeeDee is a great resource to anyone considering moving their family a long distance, as she understands the need for support and guidance from a trusted source.  DeeDee is a valuable asset to our real estate staff.